About Us

Dali Drywall is located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and has been servicing the Drywall Industry since 2002, in both commercial and residential projects.

We have completed a great range of projects, from high-end commercial, industrial and government buildings - to custom home and business offices.

At Dali Drywall every step of your project will be handled with care and attention by our experienced staff. We as a company put great emphasis on working and coordinating with customers, general contractors, consultants and with other trades in order to deliver organized, high quality and on schedule projects.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship for each and every project we undertake, and constantly strive to deliver the best possible onsite performance without sacrificing safety, and optimum planning and coordination.

Dali Drywall will handle any type of project, from beginning to final completion. Whether we take on large commercial projects or small residential home renovations, we execute with care and strive for the best possible customer relationship.

To discuss your project please contact us on 905.206.0655